Slater's Home Weather in Puyallup, Washington

We love the Pacific Northwest for its diverse climate

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Conditions Last Updated on: 01/27/23   at: 7:16p

Outside Temp 43.7°F Yearly High 61.0°F     Yearly Low 28.0°F

Inside Temp 63.2°F  Yearly High 80.0°F     Yearly Low 52.7°F

Outside Humidity 87%  Yearly High 93%     Yearly Low 44%

Barometric Pressure 30.195"

Wind 0.0mph Wind Direction SE    Yearly High 24 mph

Daily Rain  0.01"    Annual Rain 2.69"

Sunrise Time 7:39a    Sunset Time 5:04p


Overall Records (1998 to the present)

Outside Temp High  103.8°F 7/24/04 4:56p    Outside Temp Low  7.1°F  12/22/98 7:30a

Inside Temp High  98.2°F  9/1/98 10:30p    Inside Temp Low 46.5°F  4/20/08 8:15a

Maximum Wind Speed 52 mph 12/25/98

Minimum Wind Chill -13°F 12/20/98 2:39a

Barometric Pressure High 30.66"  1/16/08  3:45a

Barometric Pressure Low 28.777"  1/04/08  5:15p

Maximum Annual Rain 55.87" 2014

Minimum Annual Rain 29.77" 2002

Maximum Rainfall in 15 minute interval  0.44"  8/13/09  5:45p

Maximum Rainfall in 24 Hour interval  3.22"  10/20/03